Testimonials from Secondary Schools

I want you to know how important it was for you to be at Breck and What a positive impact you have had on the faculty and parents. Several parents emailed me after your talk and thanked me for having such a good speaker come for the younger grades. Faculty stop me in the hallway to remark on how you have helped them to be more thoughtful about their writing. It was evident to me that the time you spent in preparing your talk was particularly helpful to our community. You gave them practical advice in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

Melissa Soderberg, Breck School, (Minneapolis)


The feedback we have had from students and their parents is wonderful. They really feel much more confident about and in tune With the college process as a result of their meeting with you. You certainly helped make our jobs easier! Not only was your presentation loaded with useful information for parents and students. but your wonderful, witty style immediately put the audience at ease and made the entire evening a pleasure for all.

Mary Sykes, Convent Of the Sacred Heart (Connecticut)


From students to parents to teachers to administration to the Board. you left no stone unturned. Every member of our community benefited from the wisdom of your experience in selective college admissions. Particularly helpful was the honesty Of your message. You didn't sugar coat anything. yet students felt comforted about the process and excited to begin their personal journey down "the road to college." As the director of college counseling, the clear-sighted perspective you gave the board, in a way they could digest and accept, was HUGE in earning their support for our mission to counsel students for "best fit." Your impact on our community was powerful and positive.

Ann Infante. Awty International School (Houston)


You offered sound philosophical advice as well as practical suggestions for making the college admisslon process a successful and meaningful enterprise for the whole family. As one parent stated, she came away from the evening feeling much more reassured about the whole process than she has in previous presentations by other speakers: you lessened her anxiety and raised her comfort level, even while offering candid commentary on the realities and complexities of today's selective admissions scene. Faculty, too, have repeatedly expressed their gratitude for the guidance you provided them in writing effective recommendation letters. You opened their eyes not only to the importance of this aspect of their work, but you also gave them specific guidelines and suggestions. Especially useful were your comments on dealing with students whose academic performance or personal profiles might be problematic.

J. Laurence Ecke/, Park Tudor School, Indianapolis


NOW that was a good speaker!

High School English Department chair