Testimonials from Secondary School Families

Without you I would not have been as realistic and calm about the college process, which is normally filled with incredible stress. One of the most helpful things you have done for me is to help me think realistically of what would make the perfect school for me, avoiding choices being based on whim or brand name. It has been such a comfort to have someone who understands what makes me special and who has been able to help present me as something to add to the school.
Isabella (U.K.)


Bill Shain is a gem Of among college admissions advisers. His capacity to perceive the nature and style of an individual child, combined with a masterful knowledge of the college admissions process, makes him the perfect choice. Bill moved us through a taxing situation with keen insights. comforting advice, gentle guidance, professionalism and a fine sense of humor. He has great intuition and is able to ascertain the right "fit" for the child. Our daughter ended up at a school that is close to perfect for her, a place that we might have overlooked had Bill not suggested it. You can trust him completely. He has my A+ recommendation.
Carrie Barron (New York)


Bill Shain's knowledge, understanding, and accessibility, made the seemingly overwhelming process of college applications manageable and enjoyable. He provided much needed guidance, using a straightforward approach to college admissions that allowed me to find direction in an otherwise insurmountable mass of information. I met deadlines with time to spare due to his dedication to each and every client. He never was more than a quick email away. I strongly believe any student would greatly benefit from his counseling.
Rudy (Nevada)


Bill Shain is absolutely terrific. He demystified the college application process and was key in constructing a sensible plan for our son. I was calm throughout knowing that Bill was just an email away. His responses were always prompt and smart. He needs to be part of your team!"
Inez D'ArcangeIo (New York)


Bill Shain added immense value to my daughter's college application process. College admissions is complicated and challenging, and Bill always gave us honest input. first-rate advice, and much-needed perspecfve. Most importantly, he was patient and very generous with his time. He consistently went above-and-beyond the call of duty, and I will always be grateful to him for his work on our behalf. I recommend Bill Without reservation, and encourage others to take advantage of his services.
Doug Goodyear (Arizona)


Thank you so much for everything. I really don't think I could have done this without your guidance, honesty and sincerity. You really changed this process for me, and I am incredibly grateful for that.
Molly (NY)


Alex very quickly developed a rapport with you that enabled him to explore options he might never have considered if we had auggested them. He says that he wouldn't have even considered Bucknell before working with you because he really had no clue what to look for and it was only after your work together that he began to focus on the factors that eventually became decisive for him. He also firmly believes that his essay would not have been nearly what it was without your input. We decided, as a family, that you were invaluable through this process, and we are so very grateful.
Susan Wiseman (New York)


Thank you for guiding me through the college process, and helping me find a school that I am sure I will love calling home. Without you, I truly would have had no idea where to begin, and I appreciate your assistance. I hope we have opportunity to meet again!
Jared (Nevada)


While we are all excited about Tufts, I wanted to thank you first and foremost for the counsel you provided to our son. It took a vast majority of the pressure and uncertainty out of the process and allowed him to efficiently manage it. It went exactly how you said it would on our first call.
David Farwell (Massachusetts)


From the very first time I met you on Skype, I knew you would give me extraordinary mentorship for my college application and beyond, but I simply had no idea how much. We had productive discussion, mutual understanding and joyful laughter in every meeting. I was quite sloppy during the whole process, but your ever-lasting patience and careful guidance became the reasons that I would never want to disappoint you. You pushed me not only to develop the ability to structure and proofread my writings. but also the spirit to reflect on things and pursue the real self of mine. You have been my agent, mentor and friend.
Jason (Beijing, China)