College Counseling – 2

The college application world today is increasingly competitive, and students typically examine a broad range of possible choices. Many families feel daunted by the prospect of navigating this complicated, challenging process. 

The need for college guidance is thus at an all-time high. Most high schools have college guidance offices that are staffed by dedicated and competent counselors. School budget limitations, however, have increased student counseling loads, and the national average is now close to 500 students. In addition, some school counselors are familiar with only a relatively small number of colleges, generally in their home state.

Families thus Often feel a need to supplement these services with an independent counselor who has time and experience that their school counselor may not possess. As an independent counselor, I am also available year-round, rather than Only When school is in session, as well as during school vacations and on weekends.

Independent counselors' professional backgrounds vary widely, of course, and my own experience includes working with students in the college admission process for more than 30 years. I have served as a social studies teacher and department chair in a public high school and worked in college admissions at four institutions in four different regions of the United States, serving as head of the admission office at three of them. I thus have a fully national perspective on the college choice process. My client base reflects this. In the past two years, I have assisted families in California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada. New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington State, Belgium and England.

The college choice is typically the first major life decision students make, and the goal of the process is to attain the best possible fit in the school they ultimately attend. My goal is to assist students in applying personal and family values in making this decision, and for them to learn useful life lessons in the college choice process.

I support students in all aspects of the college process, including the following:

  • Developing criteria for the college search
  • Creating lists of colleges and universities to investigate
  • Assistance in creating college visit itineraries
  • Preparation for college visits and interviews
  • Selecting high school courses
  • Developing a strong extracurricular resume
  • Establishing a standardized testing schedule
  • Application guidance and review
  • Assisting with essay writing with unlimited review
  • Guidance in selecting summer programs

While no one can guarantee admission to a specific college, I can help ensure that the process is less confusing, more effective, and even enjoyable, the college choice process can be an adventure that is both interesting and fun, and I enjoy sharing the journey with students and their parents.